How DNA testing can help us to learn about our body

At the clinic, we perform a DNA test in order to identify your genetic pattern and based on science provide you with the best dietetic recommendations according to your genes.

As we know genes, make us who we are and influence any aspect of our life. Based on the analysis of certain pairs of genes our DNA test is able to detect the best diet for your genotype – If you tried diets that didn’t work before even if you were following them – is mainly because they were not personalized and build according to your DNA. In our clinic your dietitian/nutritionist is trained to analyze your test and build a dietary meal plan personalized for your genetic profile – so no more guessing about macronutrients composition, your dietitian will know exactly if your metabolism prefers a diet low in carbs, in fat or something in between. This strategy won't only help you to get rid of that extra weight but also will help to improve your generally health and prevent modern diseases YES – with the DNA test you get information about your carbohydrate sensitivity and predisposition to celiac disease– that basically tells you how well your cells metabolize the carbs and use them as energy. Also, lactose intolerance, do you have the feeling that dairy upsets your digestive system? The exam tells us if you are genetically predisposed to have this intolerance. Another interesting information is regarding vitamin profile and propensity to have lower levels – this information will help your dietitian to supplement you if needed with the exact formulas and vitamins and your body has a genetic tendency to have a lack.

Exercise is an essential tool for someone that seeks for a healthy lifestyle and shape – some people go to the gym and don’t see any results from their hard work – that’s because they don’t exercise the correct way – there are two main categories – ENDURANCE and POWER – our exam not only tells you the recommended for you but the percentage of which one you should be doing in order for you to manage your time at the gym and achieve your goals quicker. Our DNA test also provides specific information for those that are really into sports and digs inside our sports physiology providing information on VO2 max (or maximum oxygen consumption) is a measure of the maximum volume of oxygen that is used by your body to convert the energy from the food you eat into the energy molecules, called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), that your body uses at the cellular level. Information about your recovery speed and injury risk are also provided – giving athletes detailed information about how can they improve the performance and compete in better conditions.

How it works: a simple saliva swap (no blood or any other fluids needed).

How long does it take: 10-15 days to get your report ready.

Lucia Braz - RD, Msc

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