Tips for sticking to a healthy diet during the festive season

The festive season is so wonderful, we celebrate the achievements of the year spending time with our family and friends and at these parties, it´s natural to always be accompanied by good food and drink!

And for those who are in a weight loss process or following a diet plan, what should you do not to exaggerate at this time?

Here are some very important tips for you:

  1. Enjoy the moment and do not become anti-social by following a diet. But do not use these events as excuses to overdo it and do not throw everything you've already achieved!
  2. Never go to the party with an empty stomach! Always eat a snack before you leave home.
  3. Avoid pinching snacks all the time, because then you will lose track of how much you have already eaten.
  4. Avoid drinking sodas, juices, energy drinks, and alcohol because they are empty calories that will greatly increase the daily calorie quota that you can consume in the day.
  5. If drinking alcohol, drink moderately and choose drinks that do not contain added sugar or condensed milk. And drink with glasses of water while you drink alcohol, so you will not overdo it.
  6. Make your dish as close as possible to your meal plan in both the type of food and the quantity.
  7. Put enough vegetables on your plate, this will help to control much of your hunger.
  8. If you have desserts choose only one type and eat in a small amount to try it.
  9. Avoid repeating the dish.
  10. Go back to your healthy eating habits at the next meal or the next day!


Being healthy or having a lean body is a way of life and you need to learn how to eat in a balanced way at social events =)

Parties go fast, and soon you'll be in your routine again, think of everything you've achieved in results this year and keep those results forever with you.




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