What is Flexible Dieting?

It´s a very popular diet in the fitness world and in the academies. The first to start practising flexible dieting were bodybuilders, who were looking for a more flexible diet as long as macronutrient goals of the day were achieved.

The proposal is to calculate the daily amount of your macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) according to your routine and you need to reach them using an app to count the number of macros ingested in the day.

In this diet, what matters is not the food itself, but the macronutrient, so one great mistake of this fad diet is to use the foods to reach a determined amount per day without considering its nutritional quality.

Another flaw in the flexible diet is that usually, those who guide this type of diet are coaches who are not health professionals and end up not taking into account important aspects such as patient's clinical history, biochemical individuality among other important factors and who do not have the ability to prescribe any type of diet.

The point is that without a follow up from a nutritionist/dietitian, you will rather lose weight but more importantly, you will lose health as well. The truth is that the IIFYM diet is nothing more than another trend diet.

The important thing is always to seek a specialized professional who will help you to make a "flexible" and balanced diet in both macro and micronutrients and will help you reach not only a healthy weight but mainly health and quality of life.

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