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Recipe: Kung Pao Chicken Low-Carb

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2023

The Kung pao chicken is a perfect and complete recipe for who are following a low-carb diet or even for weight loss.

It's ideal for lunch or dinner and already contains the right quantity of proteins, vegetables, legumes, and fat. It doesn't need any side dishes. It is also a quick, practical, and easy recipe to make daily.

Recipe of Kung pao chicken 


300g of chicken breast
1 onion
1 red sweet pepper
1 carrot cut into slices
1 small broccoli
1 medium zucchini
150g of bean sprouts
2 tablespoons of soy sauce (shoyo)
4 tablespoons water

Method of preparation:

1. Cut all the vegetables and the chicken fillet into cubes.

2. Grill the chicken cubes in a pan. Along with the chicken, place the cubes of onion and bell pepper.

3. When these are soft, not fully cooked, add broccoli and bean sprouts and carrots.

4. Finally, dilute the shoyo in the water. Make a mix and incorporate the rest of the ingredients.

5. Now just mix everything delicately, let the other vegetables reach the right cooking point and you’re done.

Portion: 3 servings. To lose weight eat 1 portion in a meal.

You can freeze the other 2 servings to have available for other days of your diet.

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