Why exercises won't make you lose weight?

The first step that many take when they want to lose weight is to do exercises: running, gym or functional training.

I recommend the practice of exercises, mainly for the benefits already proven to our physical and mental health and also to prevent diseases.

The truth is that doing exercises will not help you lose weight, why?

Because the exercises will not be able to compensate for a bad diet. Here's an example: if you walk 30 minutes you burn 200Kcal, which represents only 4 cookies or 1 ice cream (Sunday).

It is totally disproportionate how many exercises you have to do to burn just a few more bites. You have to climb several floors of a building to burn off a few calories.

Collaborating with this, studies have already revealed that:

  1. Exercise alone does not lose weight.
  2. Caloric expenditure generated by aerobic exercise does not promote weight loss.

Also doing exercises greatly increases your hunger and if you do not know how to make the right food choices will eat a lot more calories than you should in the day, which will not make you lose weight!

To lose weight you need to generate a calorie deficit that is something that exercise will rarely achieve, so you need to follow a calculated diet according to your metabolism that will be effective for your weight loss!

So do not expend your time in the gym if you want to lose weight, focus your energy on following a diet and seek the help of a nutritionist!

Wanting to lose weight just through exercise, as evidenced by the studies, is like wanting and trying to fill your pool with a glass. Studies show us that slimming through exercise works ONLY if there is an intervention in the individual's diet.

"(Physical Activity) is the best medicine ever created! But it's a non-weight loss remedy. "Yoni Freedhoff, University of Ottawa.

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