Do you know the difference between weight loss and body fat loss?

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2020

Did you know that losing weight has many meanings?!

You can lose weight by changing your body composition by losing fat or losing weight.

Step on the weighing scale and look at the numbers decreasing is a reason to celebrate, but it might mean a loss of your total weight and not necessarily only fat loss. The difference between losing weight and losing fat is not shown by the scale, and even if it’s a great ally for the weight loss process, it does not define what is being lost in this body composition change.

Weight loss or measures loss can also reflect on the elimination of body fluids or muscle loss. By losing muscle, weight reduction is being incorrectly done and unhealthy, since muscle is a vital tissue that maintains health and activates metabolism its loss will result in a lack of energy, stress, lower mood during the day, increases osteoporosis and nutrient deficiency, among others.

Body fat is the portion of the bodyweight that should be eliminated in the healthy and correctly weight loss process. When in excess, this tissue can cause damage to health as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, among others. The weight of body fat takes up more space in the body and is less compact than muscle, besides being a source of energy for the body, its elimination in the weight loss process takes longer.

To occur the loss of body fat and minimal reduction of muscle mass, the types and adequate quantities of food and liquids should be managed according to the metabolism of each person to the stimulus and body change are continuous and healthily.

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