Our programmes are built on the pillars of the Britzke Method with each one tailored to your needs. We focus on helping clients create sustainable behavioural, lifestyle and habit change, which also results in remarkable physical transformations.

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Step 1

Choose a Package and Book a Consultation

After choosing and paying for a package, you will get a link to book your first consultation.

Step 2

Fill out a questionnaire

Before the consultation, we will send you a questionnaire to get to know about your routine, health, lifestyle, family history, goals and specific needs.

Step 3

Meet your Nutritionist using our Telehealth 

At your initial 1-hour consultation, we will discuss your case, set goals, recommend supplements if necessary, check your blood tests and decide which strategy suits your lifestyle better.

Step 4

 Get a Personalised Program

We will indicate a personalised program according to your needs.

Step 5

Keep on Track using the clinic App

After the consultation, you will get access to the clinic app where you can chat with your Dietitian, keep track of your new habits, measurements and goals.



  • 1 x  Online Consultation
  • Personalised Meal Plan
  • Nutrium app
  • Ebook
  • Unlimited support within the app or via email
  • Shopping list




  • 1 x Online Consultation
  • DNA Test for Diet & Exercise
  • Food Intolerance Test (200 food types)

  • 1 x Personalised Meal Plan
  • Nutrium app
  • Ebook
  • Unlimited Support via Email
  • Shopping list



  • 3 x Online Consultations
  • Food Intolerance Test (200 food types)
  • 3 x Personalised Meal Plans
  • Nutrium app
  • Ebook

  • Unlimited Support via Email or within the app
  • Shopping list

Food intolerance test

If you suffer from IBS, bloatedness, constipation, migraines, or eczema, you may be consuming the wrong foods. It doesn’t matter if a certain food is healthy or not, each body reacts in your way. If you have any of the symptoms of food intolerance, it might be helpful to discover which are the culprits.

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DNA test for diet and exercise 

If you have a hard time losing weight, you may not be respecting your genetics. Each one of us will react in a different way to the same strategy. No diet is right for everyone. It is very important to know your body to understand what kind of diet and exercise will bring you the most results.

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London Clinic

If you decide to come and visit us at our London office you can also take all the tests there. In addition, we will do your body composition analysis using our medical-grade body composition bioimpedance, considered one of the most reliable methods to assess how much your body has in fat, muscle, visceral fat, water, etc.

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