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I believe that everyone can lose weight if they decide to and follow the right strategy. I believe that our great success in helping people losing weight comes from a combination of the right method and support. It gets easier when we have someone to support us in our challenges.

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Personalised programs. One to one consultations available worldwide.

We offer two consultation options. You can come in person to see us on Wimpole Street, right in the centre of London, or you can do like most of our patients who prefer to make appointments online. There is no difference in terms of results. Choose the one that best fits your lifestyle.

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London Clinic

If you decide to come and visit us at our London office you can also take all the tests there. In addition, we will do your body composition analysis using our medical grade body composition bioimpedance, considered one of the most reliable methods to assess how much your body has in fat, muscle, visceral fat, water etc.


Online Consultations

We have patients from 62 countries and various backgrounds. You will get the recommendation of local products or supplements if needed. Many of the tests we do at the clinic can also be sent to be done at home and then sent back via post to our laboratory.


Dna Test for Diet and Exercise

If you have a hard time losing weight you may not be respecting your genetics. Each one of us will react in a different way to the same strategy. There is no diet that is right for everyone. It is very important to know your body to understand what type of diet and exercise will bring you the most results.


Food Intolerance Test

If you suffer from IBS, bloatedness, constipation, migraines or eczema, you may be consuming the wrong foods. It doesn’t matter if a certain food is healthy or not, each body reacts in a different way. If you have any of the symptoms for food intolerance, it might be helpful to discover which are the culprits.


The Weight Loss Programme With Results That Last a Lifetime

We’re passionate about ending dieting and helping you to feel fabulous and lose weight for good. Our proven four-pillar TRANSFORM weight loss programme is a total lifestyle reset. It’s an optimum way of living that’s tailored to you with the expert coaching you need. 

Set Goals

The first step in changing your life is to decide where you want to get to. If you have no direction, you will waste a lot of time. During the consultation, after evaluating your health history, genetics, food intolerances, exams, lifestyle and body composition, we will set clear goals and set deadlines together. We will do everything we can to help you reach your goals!

Monthly, we will review the results achieved and create new goals for the next month. The meal plan will be changed every 4 weeks to optimize results. We do that to make sure that you do not go on a plateau and keep losing weight until you reach your final goal.

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We don’t believe in anything that takes too long to deliver. And because of that, if you are not getting results, we will help you to discover the cause so that you can have the best possible results in a short time, always keeping your program sustainable.

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The team

All of our practitioners are registered with the HCPC or Association for Nutrition and are fully insured. All are post-graduated and have undergone extensive training with me. I always say that our best asset is our team!

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