Carnivore Diet: is it healthy to eat only meat?

What do you think about eating meat, just meat and still improve your productivity and mental clarity, boost your libido, and control your blood pressure? Well, that's what the followers of the carnivore diet believe in, and the basis of this diet is just meat, offal, and eggs (some include fish and cured cheese) and no vegetable or plant-based foods or any kind of supplement.

It is totally the opposite of the vegan diet. The carnivore diet is based on high protein and saturated fats and no carbohydrates, and there is no defined protocol for the number of proteins and fats to be ingested.

In some countries, people have migrated from the low carb and ketogenic diet to the carnivore diet, and one of the most famous adepts of this diet is Shawn Baker. In his profile on social media, he said that the diet is very easy because he does not need meal plans or counting calories. "I just have to think about how hungry I am and how many steaks I want to eat," he said.

Followers of this diet...

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