Thyroid hormones changes: how to identify them

Thyroid hormones play an integral role in regulating the body's temperature and production of energy. In addition, thyroid hormones regulate protein synthesis and enzyme production at the cellular level.

Thyroid hormone deficiencies may be suspected clinically whenever an insidious slowing of the metabolism is observed as might be the case with protracted fatigue, low energy, depression, mental asthenia, coldness or cold extremities, fluid retention, or diffuse hair loss.

Conversely, thyroid hormone excess may be suspected when the opposite clinical picture is observed: excess energy, palpitations, anxiety, nervousness ("like I'm going to jump out of my skin"), short sleep, or feeling like everything is moving too fast".

Physically, such thyroid excess may present as heat intolerance, diarrhoea, idiopathic weight loss without loss of appetite, fine tremor of the extremities, and in prolonged cases, exophthalmia.

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