How DNA testing can help us to learn about our body

At the clinic, we perform a DNA test in order to identify your genetic pattern and based on science provide you with the best dietetic recommendations according to your genes.

As we know genes, make us who we are and influence any aspect of our life. Based on the analysis of certain pairs of genes our DNA test is able to detect the best diet for your genotype – If you tried diets that didn’t work before even if you were following them – is mainly because they were not personalized and build according to your DNA. In our clinic your dietitian/nutritionist is trained to analyze your test and build a dietary meal plan personalized for your genetic profile – so no more guessing about macronutrients composition, your dietitian will know exactly if your metabolism prefers a diet low in carbs, in fat or something in between. This strategy won't only help you to get rid of that extra weight but also will help to improve your generally health and prevent modern...

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