How Whey Protein supplement might help in loosing weight?

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2020

Do you know what is Whey Protein?

It is famous among the gyms’ public, whey protein is a supplement made from the extract of milk serum protein which is processed to obtain different types of whey such as concentrated whey, hydrolyzed whey, and isolated whey. These supplements contain smaller particles of proteins, called amino acids. The amino acids found in whey generate numerous benefits to the body because they are easily and quickly absorbed.

Whey protein helps in losing weight by increasing satiety, as it is a protein food source and a substitute alternative to other proteins. It reduces hunger, influences, and promotes muscle synthesis. It provides the necessary amount of amino acids to strengthen muscles when their consumption is associated with the strength exercises.

When can you consume whey protein?

It can be eaten at any meal of the day, from breakfast until dinner. Ideally, consume it as one of the breakfast options, as snacks, or before and after exercises,...

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What should you eat to reduce muscle pain after an intense workout?

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

Intense exercise, tiredness and body aches can be reflections of an inadequate diet, which is low in vitamins and minerals and with a high level of stress. Some foods when added in an adequate and balanced diet can help with muscle recovery, improve the energy throughout the day and eliminate some substances that cause damage to the body. With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions, these foods reduce the inflammation caused by stress, restore necessary nutrients eliminated in this process and decrease the toxins circulating in the blood to reduce body pain.

It is important to remember that each food should be eaten according to each person’s routine, metabolism and according to their goals.

What foods can help relieve muscle pain?

- Fish (salmon, tuna, sardines): they are sources of omega 3, an essential nutrient for the regeneration of muscle fibers.

- Dark green leaves (arugula, spinach, kale, lettuce, mustard, endive, Brussels sprouts, etc.): rich in minerals such as...

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Nutrition in Menopause: Which foods help with symptoms?

Uncategorized May 22, 2020

After menopause, some symptoms quite common for some women might occur due to the estradiol hormone drop, known as the "female" hormone. The most common menopause symptoms are hot flushes, sleep difficulties or insomnia, irritation, anxiety accompanied by depression or not, mucosal dryness, hair loss, increased cholesterol, increased cellulite, the difficulty of losing weight, increased appetite and consequently weight gain, especially in the abdominal area.

A few simple habits changes in eating routine can contribute a lot in controlling symptoms, for example:

- To control hot flushes: avoid an excess of pepper, ginger and coffee. Include some teas such as the white mulberry leaves tea 3 times a day. You can also eat soybeans fermented foods (tofu, tempeh), cassava and parsley potato.

- For anxiety and irritation, try some passion fruit tea or chamomile flowers tea and Melissa tea. Add 30g of 70% cocoa chocolate a day, it might ease the symptoms of both anxiety and the sweets...

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Debunking diet trends: Does Celery Juice work?

Uncategorized May 11, 2020

A few months ago, rumors emerged about the consumption of celery juice and the benefits it could generate to the body, mainly leading to weight reduction when ingested in the morning on an empty stomach. For a while now, green juices have been pleasing the public because they are characterized as detox juice, which eliminates all toxins from the body. One of the most commented and consumed juices at the moment is the celery juice and, in this article, we will discover if everything said about it is really true.

Do you know what celery is and why has this food become so famous?

Due to a large amount of water, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and fiber, is also a low-calorie food, it becomes an ideal choice in diets. All parts of this vegetable are edible: the root, the stem and the leaves. It’s usually used in juices, but can be added to soups or salads.

Many celebrities like Jeniffer Garner, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr drink celery juice early in the...

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Get to know the different types of proteins

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2020

Proteins are present in thousands of foods and should be eaten in adequate amounts according to each metabolism to help and regulate body activities.

But, what are proteins?

They are substances formed by various amino acids, which perform in numerous functions in the body since all organs require a type of amino acid to generate their function or stimulus.

Proteins are beneficial to health because they can control the digestion and absorption of other nutrients, help boost immunity, carry oxygen in the blood and to the muscles, improve energy and muscle contraction, as well as are associated with hunger and satiety hormones.

How proteins can help in losing weight?

Protein consumption should be divided throughout the day according to the number of meals. This subdivision will stimulate the process of reducing body fat and maintaining muscle mass or synthesis. The amounts and sources of protein consumed to ensure the effectiveness of weight loss depends on each person's life habits.

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The importance of eating Vitamin B12 food sources to improve immunity

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

Vitamin B 12 is an essential nutrient for the human body because it keeps the metabolism active and performs important actions in the body. Its main functions are to protect DNA, boost immunity, improve mood, concentration, and memory, reduce stress and migraines, and assist in the absorption of other nutrients. Vitamin B12 is beneficial to health since it is essential to generate energy, maintain the integrity of bones and collaborate to improve the gut functions, reduces constipation, bloating, or diarrhea, as well as reduces the chances of developing anemia.

It is a vitamin produced by gut bacteria, therefore it is directly connected with intestinal health as a part of the process of nutrients’ absorption. When the consumption of vitamin B 12 is insufficient or deficient, it may be associated with increased infections and neurodegenerative diseases. One of its activities is to assist in the formation of the myelin sheath, which is a layer that protects neurons, and if the...

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What should we do to feel less hunger during the day?

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2020

Food consumption offers nutrients that will generate energy for the proper function of the body and the brain. For this to be possible, is important to make meals that will signalize the brain that the body is being fed and it starts the production of enzymes that digest and absorb all nutrients. This process is related to time and place in which it is made any type of meal and it can interfere with health and well-being if you are not mentally connected with the food at the time of the meal.

How important is it to eat slowly?

It is essential to eat slowly any meal. When this attitude is taken, there’s a better understanding of what is and what will be eaten and which nutrients will be provided to body metabolism and the mind. As soon as we think of some food or meal, neurotransmitters and hormones found in the intestine activate the neurons of hunger and satiety in the brain and activate the process of digestion and absorption.

Thus, when a meal is held, the enzymes in the...

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Counting calories is really important?

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2020

When the process of weight loss is initiated, usually, the main action taken is to count the calories of food consumed even if it is healthy or processed food. When a goal for weight loss is established, for example, the brain sends the idea that you need to eat fewer calories to reduce your body weight.

Do you know what calories mean?

A calorie is the amount of energy that foods can provide to the body which will send the energy to each organ perform its functions. This energy is present in every food that adds quality to the meal and body's cells as well as in low nutritional quality food, which does not provide good nutrients to the metabolism.

So, is counting calories beneficial and important for human health? 

It depends on the nutritional strategy. Counting calories strategy can be important for the weight loss process if the amount of food is adjusted to be consumed in a day and if it is according to the goal of each person, the reduction in total calories will...

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Do you know the difference between weight loss and body fat loss?

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2020

Did you know that losing weight has many meanings?!

You can lose weight by changing your body composition by losing fat or losing weight.

Step on the weighing scale and look at the numbers decreasing is a reason to celebrate, but it might mean a loss of your total weight and not necessarily only fat loss. The difference between losing weight and losing fat is not shown by the scale, and even if it’s a great ally for the weight loss process, it does not define what is being lost in this body composition change.

Weight loss or measures loss can also reflect on the elimination of body fluids or muscle loss. By losing muscle, weight reduction is being incorrectly done and unhealthy, since muscle is a vital tissue that maintains health and activates metabolism its loss will result in a lack of energy, stress, lower mood during the day, increases osteoporosis and nutrient deficiency, among others.

Body fat is the portion of the bodyweight that should be eliminated in the healthy and...

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Do you know what the CBD Oil benefits are?

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2020

Do you know what's CBD?

The CBD is a cannabinoid substance that acts on the central nervous system and is a molecule found in the plant Cannabis sativa. It has numerous medicinal properties, and unlike THC, which is a plant’s substance that generates negative psychological and neural effects, the CBD is being widely used to improve the quality of life in oil extracted from the hemp seeds. In this plant, the cannabinoid found is beneficial to health and can be daily used in some meals.

Which are the benefits of CBD oil?

Was noted an increase in CBD oil consumption, which can be extracted from plants containing cannabinoid concentrations and other flavonoids substances that help in the body's health. Hemp seeds contain fibre which helps regulate gut functions and enhances satiety.


The CBD oil, extracted from hemp seed, has anxiolytic properties, which reduce anxiety, act as an anti-inflammatory since it improves body aches, is neuroprotective - can prevent chronic...

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